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I've always wanted to find a website that could help me in my daily job. I've been working in IT corporation and more precisely in the networking and security field since after high school. I had (and still have) to deal with IP addresses, CIDR, broad cast addresses, network address, subnet masks and everyting related to IP addressing and their calculation. I've been using several tools I found searching the web. However there was something missing. It was, and still is really painful and difficult to find a good tool to fit me needs. I wanted just 1 website that could allow me to make a plenty of IP-related calculations, without quantity limitations, and very important - for free! I wanted a solution. I had to build the solutions to my needs.
This dream became reality. The IP Converter Tool website is now alive. I am sure that there is a plenty of Networking Engineers out there that will find this website useful. I hope it is very useful for you as it is for me.

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